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Caillie Hughes is a charismatic Singer-Songwriter, who delivers relatable storylines encompassing melodic vocal styles and modern pop instrumentation to capture the ears and provide positive energy for the soul. Hughes draws from her own life experiences in her blend of records often leaning on acoustic and organic textures while delivering high-energy choruses.  With her extensive background as a classically trained vocalist as a foundation, she continues to evolve musically through her ongoing studies of jazz and other contemporary forms of vocal techniques. Hughes delivers a warm and velvety vocal tone paired with an extensive range to offer an alluring balance in her musical works. 


Hughe’s songwriting abilities showcase her unique perspective on love, loss and the highs and lows of today’s world. 


Currently based in the Boston Area, She has performed at venues in Massachusetts such as the Hawthorne Hotel, The Wild Rover, the Essex River Boat Cruise in Boston and got her start busking on the cobblestone streets of Salem, MA.  It is through street performing Hughes actually developed her sound and honed her craft as a Singer-Songwriter.  

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